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Alastair Hendricks - Mobile & Platform Engineer

Take It Easy

I recently had the realisation that I need to take it easy instead of trying to fix everything around me.

This has been most noticeable at work - I switched companies within the larger group as I had felt that I could make more of an impact at the new company.

While there are multiple interesting challenges and growth opportunties, I’ve been too fixated on trying to mould company B into company A - an impossible task - which has caused more frustration that spills into my personal life and affects my mental health.

Sometimes you just need to take it easy.
Have a slow day at work, block out the noise and focus on something that brings you some pleasure.
Go for a walk.
Explore a side-project.
Go to bed early.

Resetting Xcode Application State

I’ve made the mistake many times of freezing Xcode by opening a large JSON file in the editor - unfortuntely re-launching Xcode often doesn’t help, as Xcode will attempt to open the file again every time you launch the application.

To prevent the editor from opening again, you can delete the Xcode Autosave Information directory (assuming you’ve saved all your files correctly).

cd ~/Library/Autosave\ Information
ls -la #Inspect contents before deleting
rm -rf ~/Library/Autosave\ Information

And now you should should be able to open Xcode again. 🚀 I hope this saves someone a few miutes 😅